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Before you start

Our application process has two stages: the rate estimate and the application.

The rate estimate, which takes just 2 minutes to complete, gives you an indicative interest rate.

The 10 minute application allows us to process and verify this information and get any extra details we need so we can make you a formal offer.

Getting a rate estimate

When you get a rate estimate we’ll provide an indicative interest rate, repayment amount and establishment fee.

You can then continue and apply for your loan. You’ll also get an email from us that summarises everything for you.

The final loan offer

After we assess your full loan application, including any subsequent documentation required, we have a better understanding of your individual circumstances and can determine the exact interest rate of your loan offer.

In some cases your interest rate can differ from what we provided on your rate estimate.

Our assessment process is geared to make sure you get the right rate for your personal circumstances.

If we are unable to give you a rate

We take into consideration the information you’ve provided us, your credit file and our own lending criteria when determining if we can give you a rate estimate.

Unfortunately, if you do not meet our lending criteria we won’t be able to offer you a loan, or calculate a rate estimate for you.

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