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What you might be asked to provide

What you might be asked to provide

We’ll ask for information to help us understand if you can afford to pay your loan without difficulty, so we’ll ask for information to understand your financial situation.

We will also ask for information to allow us to confirm your identity.

Below is some more detail as to what you may need to provide.

Documents you need to send us

We will usually automatically upload your bank statements via a secure method that speeds up the application process.

If you are self-employed, we will verify your income from your tax records, and will ask you to email them to us.

We may also ask you to email us copies of identification documents.

Your income and expenses

  1. Personal bank account statements
  • You must provide us with bank statements for the account where your main income is deposited
  • If you’d like to automatically upload any statements that relate to existing personal loans, credit cards or transaction accounts you have with multiple banks, send us an email to and we’ll let you know how.
  1. Other documents
  • Your payslips may be required on request, particularly if you’re salary sacrificing or receive allowances
  • If you’re self-employed:
    • you’ll need to provide your Individual Income Tax Return (ITR) and Notice of Assessment (NOA) for the most recent financial year
    • Your tax return and personal bank statements should show income paid to you from your business

What your statement should cover

Your statement should cover the most recent 90 days of transactions, where the last transaction is no more than 30 days old.

Sending your statement

Please send any verification documents to

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