Car loans

Great value finance for new or used cars

Don't get ripped off by dealer financing. Use your MoneyPlace car loan to negotiate the best deal with your seller, and avoid balloon payments, hidden charges or early exit fees.

Secured car loans

Provided your new set of wheels is in good working condition no more than 20 years old at the end of your loan, you can apply for a secured car loan. With a secured car loan you may be offered both a lower interest rate and be able to borrow a higher amount than an unsecured the loan (restrictions apply to certain high performance or luxury cars).

Rates for secured car loans start at 5.21% p.a. (6.12% comparison rate^) for new cars, and are from 6.82% p.a. (6.82% comparison rate^) for used cars. The interest rate you are offered will be determined by your individual situation, which includes the age of the asset you use to secure the loan.

Unsecured car loans

In the market for something older, a fixer upper, or a vehicle you don't plan on comprehensively insuring? Unsecured car loans offer borrowers the greatest flexibility when choosing a car, with no restrictions on vehicle type, age or condition.

Rates for unsecured car loans start at 6.95% p.a. (6.95% comparison rate*), with no monthly fees or penalties for paying your loan off early.

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  • Rates from 6.95% p.a. (6.95% p.a. comparison rate*), unsecured, for an excellent credit history
  • Add a vehicle you own as security to access a lower rate, a higher lending limit, or both
  • Car loans of up to $80,000 to buy your dream car
  • No hidden costs like monthly fees or early repayment fees
  • One upfront fee that we add to your loan, so you’re not out of pocket
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